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The fire started at around five o’clock this morning burning down a building which houses several other businesses such as shops and finance companies.

Ol spesol stret long mipela na mipela tingim ol long olgeta wok mipela mekim, olsem bihainim ol seifti law, kisim ol niupela balus i kam, mipela hamamas long lukautim yu insait lo balus na hau mipela lainim ol woklain bilong mipela long givim namabawan sevis.

“I would like to see Morobe having more control,” Saonu said. This was one of the reasons why former governor Luther Wenge, took the National Government to court during his term.

“The National Government needs to realize that without Morobe province, Papua New Guinea cannot function as well as it does.” It is estimated Morobe generates up to K500 million every year in goods and services tax. The burning down of a property in Wabag town, and the death of Bangladeshi man this week, have raised concerns in the community on the importance of having government services such as a Fire Department.

The Bougainville Referendum Commission will be in charge of preparing for and conducting the referendum in 2019 on whether Bougainville should secede from Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The referendum is a key requirement of the 2001 peace agreement that ended a decade-long armed conflict between Bougainville and PNG.

The Criminal Investigation Division is currently investigating the cause of the fire.

Olgeta taim wanpela balus I kirap or kamap long ol ron bilong ol, olgeta tiket mipela salim, olgeta kago mipela karim na olgeta wok bilong ol engineer, mipela gat wanpela tingting tasol taim mipela mekim ol dispela wok….

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A new report by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Papua New Guinea’s labour market has found that skill shortages are a major hindrance to employment growth.


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