Dating point in karachi

If you are the lucky few Lahoris who have a date and are tired of going to the same old places for a date, this list is for you.If you are single and reading this…buhat farigh hain aap.Trend and culture of dating is promoting through out the country and it is now totally spread in the educational institutes of the countries like in many universities during the studies hours girls and boys are found in cafeteria where they are discussing their romantic love story not caring about the studies and its precious value in the coming future.

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The reasoning “So that, aap apni maut aur akhrit yaad rakho”. Guys, please don’t mention heera mandi on your date. This is one of the only decent bowling places in Lahore located in Defence. Who knew our Sharif brother could improve the Lahori dating scene.

Very calm and serene atmosphere with lush greenery is what makes Casbah so special. Address: Beach Luxury Hotel Lalazar, Karachi Telephone: 021-35611031 Website: Cosmopolitan is a fashionable, modish and finest urban cafe in the Karachi.

They are dedicated to delivering an outstanding food and social experience to the Karachi food lovers.

The wreaths are round circles of flowers unlike those at the grave of any ordinary Pakistanis.

These are a legacy of the British for whose dead colonial officers the simple subcontinental practice of scattering petals was deemed inadequate, or perhaps too messy.


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