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A Tables, Ladders and Chairs match, often abbreviated as a TLC, is a type of professional wrestling match that originated within the World Wrestling Federation (now known as the WWE).The TLC match is a variation of a ladder match, which is modified to co-emphasize two other weapons: tables and chairs.3 innovative projects need your help to be funded at #Europeana4Education until June, 25. The exact format of the workshop (onsite or online) will be confirmed at a later stage.Remember: for every € you provide them, Europeana Foundation will contribute with another €. In cooperation with Goteo Foundation, Europeana will launch a match funding call with a total budget of 10.000 EUR to co-fund up to three innovative projects that reuse digital cultural heritage content for secondary education. In case of a physical workshop, Europeana will cover the travel costs for the workshop participants.

Los participantes deben tener un mínimo de 18 años de edad. No financiaremos propuestas que no respeten los derechos pertinentes. CC BY-ND puede utilizarse en determinados contextos educativos.The particular weapons of tables, ladders and chairs were seen as unique to each team's style.The Hardys were seen as high-flying daredevils with a penchant for using ladders, and a key element to the Dudley Boyz gimmick was their flagrant use of tables as weapons. 30 March - 11 April: Online assessment / workshop with Goteo.


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