Dating power station

The project would see a small biomass plant built at a site in South Denes Road, which turns wood pellets into gas to be burned.The company behind the scheme, London-based Energy Circle, said it was too early this stage to comment.Duran Duran were essentially the Led Zeppelin of 80s teenpop, a band defined by their extravagance and extremes.

The development will comprise of 2,000sq.m (21,500 sq.ft) with a building for an office, an area for gasification and one for the engine house.30 years on, Simon Price revisits the undeclared war between Arcadia, who made "the most pretentious album ever", and The Power Station, who made "the most cocainey album ever"; and asks who, if anyone, was the winner "Arcadia and The Power Station", writes Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley in Yeah Yeah Yeah: The Story Of Pop, "were possibly the two worst bands of the decade.So much huff and puff." Critical hindsight hasn't been kind to Duran Duran's two splinter groups.Despite Duran Duran ruling the earth by late 1984 (due to countless hits and sold-out tours), the band had completely burned themselves out with a non-stop, grueling work schedule.1985 was supposed to be a year-long break for its members from band duties, but its five members ultimately formed two separate side-projects: the Power Station, which was comprised of Duranee's John Taylor (bass) and Andy Taylor (guitar), plus solo artist Robert Palmer (vocals) and ex-Chic member Tony Thompson (drums); as well as Arcadia, which featured the three other Duran members, singer Simon Lebon, keyboardist Nick Rhodes, and drummer Roger Taylor.It wasn't even particularly kind at the time, for that matter.


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