Dating our neighbor lonely hearts dating online

The demographic differences on neighborly trust are largely related to economic class, at a time of rising residential segregation by income.

But this is how things work with Happn, the latest Internet dating service. While the app is already live in New York City and a few other U. markets, San Francisco’s hyper-connected, early adopter population should provide a sizable sample of single users on which Happn can test its core hypothesis: That people want to connect digitally with the people they encounter in the real world.

Claire (Julie Bowen) is happy with the idea that they can choose their new neighbors and they do everything to impress a new couple, George (Ben Lawson) and Lisa (Fiona Gubelmann).

The couple is ready to buy it when another couple, Ronnie (Steve Zahn) and Amber (Andrea Anders), come and make a better offer.

Christmas is just around the corner and I bet your to-do list is 10-feet long!

There are so many things to do, gifts to buy, and people to visit, and it can be difficult to cram all of that fun into one jam-packed month!


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