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Battery life so far has been unexpectedly good for a smart phone, with Wi Fi used up to 30 minutes a day, but switched off when not in use, the blue tooth permanently on, MS exchange connected and syncing in real time, and two other Po P3 email accounts syncing every 30 minutes, the battery is lasting between 2 and 3 days before it requires charging!

Verdict: Well crafted phone, for business use - worth every penny Coming from a Nokia N900 I am amazed at the speed and level of polish in WP7, I'm convinced that WP7 has the best UI out there at this moment in time.

Model ID=384&e=0 to try and get hold of the update to 6.5 for my old touch pro 2, but it just sends me to your support page.

There aren't any more specifics, but we assume that there are no new features included in the release.

You can see all firmware updates and hot fixes for HTC Touch Pro on this site.

You can also read about Tweaking HTC Touch Pro in an earlier post.

The update weighs in at around 465MB, and is currently hitting units in India.

As is usually the case with OTA roll outs, it might take some time for the update notification to pop up on your device's screen.

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This update includes many new features and updates that will improve the overall experience with the device.Edit: After using my phone for about one week with this firmware update I have experienced so many bugs and issues that I wrote a post about it.Agile Android Architechture Azure Blackberry Compact Framework Development Dive Book GPS HTC Touch Pro Information i Phone Kevlin Henney Microsoft Microsoft Surface Mike Cohn Mobile applications Mobility MSDN Live MVP Patterns Pet project php Pin Code Keeper plugin Robert C.Those of your that sport the unlocked HTC Touch Pro2 can now can your official Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade, complete with a slightly upgraded version of Manila (with colorized icons and the weather clock).The update, which comes from HTCPedia, doesn’t yet appear on the HTC Support website, but does appear to be official (we’re trying it now just to double check).(via:, Thanks Rizzo)Update: We’ve tried this on an unlocked Euro Touch Pro2 and it looks to be the real deal.When software updates are available for your Windows Phone 8, you will be notified on the device that a software update is available.


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