Shakespeare fishing reel dating

Let’s use the Shakespeare model 1920 Wondereel as an example.

There are several different date codes for this reel.

From the late twenties until the late seventies, Shakespeare reels had a two letter date code stamped on the reel, usually near the model number.

Use the following charts to date Shakespeare Tackle Company reels and rods.My thinking on its origin is that Shakespeare made ammunition cases during WW II.Sometime during, or after, they used the same equipment to form the body for these oilers, then machined the bullet to serve as a top. For reels, the model number, which is a two letter code, is the first year a reel was manufactured, or the first year a major variation or innovation was used on reel I hope you will find them helpful.Reels: Shakespeare Bullet Reel Oiler My favorite Shakespeare collectible.The Shakespeare Company is renowned for its quality production of tackle equipment.


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