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When my father died in 1958, I inherited an old Hammond typewriter which I have kept very carefully since.

I don't really know when and how he got it but it is still in good shape.

I obtain most of them at local garage or estate sales and a couple from thrift stores or e Bay.

Two of the 12AU7 tubes—the solo preamplifier/pedal control and the pedal divider driver—each had one dead heater, so these were replaced.I faced a Shakespearian dilemma: ", that is the question".Amongst these items, there was a beautiful wooden case containing an old typewriter: a Hammond typewriter that I have inherited from my father in 1958 and that I have carried from homes to homes since then.This relatively small organ uses vacuum-tube-based circuitry to both produce and amplify its sound, containing 30 tubes of 8 different types in total.No transistors are used whatsoever; after all, the first transistor radio only predated this unit by around two years!Hammond Power Solutions (HPS) is pleased to announce that Jebco Agencies Inc.


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